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Investing in Motorhome Hire

Your investment in  Corporate Funding Limited will be used to fund brand new motorhomes with funds sufficient to buy a luxury motorhome .

The purchased motorhome[s] will be sourced  from the Italian Manufacturers Giottiline and PLA S.P.A. thus enjoying considerable discounts from the retail price.

The Initial minimum Investment of circa £40,000 (depending on the make and model) will be secured on each luxury motorhome from the comprehensive range of models.

Your investment will be at a level lower than the excluding VAT retail value of the motorhomes, and and will benefit from the manufacturer's rental marketing support and secured by way of a deed of assignment agreement as well as being registered with HPI for the period of investment which will be 24 months.

HPI is a national organisation used by police, finance companies, and motor vehicle retailers as it registers any financial interest in a vehicle so vehicles cannot be sold until the interest is repaid.

Monthly Returns

Your loan agreement guarantees interest payable at a rate of 7.00% per annum. This will be paid monthly in the sum of £233.32 per month, for 24 months, based on a £40,000 Investment (the interest payments are paid directly into your bank account every month).

As a bonus you can benefit from the use of a motorhome for yourself or your family and friends for a period of 2 weeks (subject to availability) for free, although insurance premium will need to be paid for by you.

All the motorhomes will be managed and maintained by the rental operator who will operate out of secure depots. 

At the end of the investment period you can either opt for the cash back or reinvest in another motorhome.

Any investment has risks and you must always consider these before making any investment .

We recommend that you take advice  in respect of any project, documentation and security offered to satisfy yourself of the validity and security of the investment.