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The investment is secured by a legal assignment of the motorhome to you, the charge is registered with HPI (the register used by all leading finance companies).

Vehicles registered with HPI can not be legitimately traded until the covenant is satisfied.

Q2 Can I cancel before the end of the  contract ?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime during the contract but you will need to give 3 months clear notice.

You will also lose 1 months interest as a penalty

Q3 When do I get paid my interest?

You receive your interest payment monthly on the first of every month following your investment.

The funds will be paid directly to your nominated bank account by BACS and may take time to clear depending on the recipient bank.

Q4 When do I receive my principal back at the end of the contract?

You receive your investment in full 1 month after the last interest payment.

This will be paid directly to your nominated bank by BACS.

You do have the option to reinvest in a new contract if desired, you will need to notify us in advance and this will take effect immediately after the last interest payment is made.

Q5 When can I book my Investors Free Rental?

You can book your 2 weeks per year free hire anytime after the contracts are signed and the investment is completed.

There will be a charge for insurance and this cost depends on the driver and driving experience.

Q6 What happens if the Companies cease to trade?

Your Investment is secured against a specific vehicle, you receive a deed of assignment giving you full title to the vehicle if anything should happen to any of the companies. This assignment is registered with HPI the industry standard for registering vehicles subject to finance.

In the worst case you will receive the vehicle  for disposal, all contracts are written substantially behind retail and the value of the vehicle should always cover the outstanding.

Q7 Can I participate in the profit on residual sale?

We do have a residual profit scheme, you must state your participation before the contract commences. You will receive 6% per year instead of 7% but you will participate in the future profit on disposal of 33% of the net margin, payment will be made on sale or within 2 months of the cessation of the 2 year contract which ever is the sooner.